Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moroniks *UPDATE* (see edit note at bottom)

So after reading last week's article about Moroniks, you can't wait to use them in your own games of 40k right?  Well, your wait is over! 
Here are the rules for utilizing Moroniks in your battles!  Now, get them out there, and watch the madness ensue!

0-1 Moronik Madboyz

Note: No more than one unit of Madboyz may be taken regardless of what type of madboyz they are.

Unit size 5-20 Madboyz

5 points per Madboy

Armed with either a slugga and choppa, or a shoota for no additional point cost

One Madboy may be upgraded to a Painboy at +10 points

Additional Rules

Roll a D6 at the beginning of each ork turn, and consult the chart below.


The last one to hit da big fing is a sissy! - The unit opens fire on the nearest vehicle within range (friend or foe, it can NOT be this unit)  if there are no units in range, this unit may not move or shoot next turn.
We'z goin' on strike! - The boyz decide that they want more of the loot after the battle, so they go on strike, and may not move or shoot for the remainder of the game.  (A sucessful leadership check, or another mood, negates this effect.)

Wanderin' Off - The boyz decide they had enuff battle for one day.  (Truly only an insane ork would think such things.)  The unit moves 6" in a randomly generated direction, utilizing the scatter dice.  This counts as their movement for the turn, and may act normally the rest of the turn.


We's Skirmishin'  - This unit receives +1 to cover saves, in addition, this unit may double its coherency up to 4" until a new mood is rolled.


Whatz dey doin? - The unit must move directly towards the nearest enemy unit.  (To get a closer look.  Due to this strange behaviour, it baffles the enemy.)  This unit  may not be shot at or charged until the following opponent turn, and it may not shoot or charge until the following ork turn.

Waaagh! - This unit incites a waaagh in the rest of the army.  (Treated as a sucessful weirdboy power.)

Edit: I had a follower contact me, and suggest I change the point cost and make it lower, as there are more negatives than positives when taking these units.  SO, in my fervor, I think I let the gate swing too far on the conservative side, in order to (in my mind) make it balanced.  Here I updated the points cost to make them more worth while.

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