Monday, June 27, 2011

Madboy Mundayz - Moroniks

We return to our regularly scheduled blog, to bring you the latest in the on-going, yet to be determined when it is going to end series.  (That was a bit redundant, like saying something twice even!)

If you couldn't tell by the above title, (learn 2 read!) this week we are looking at the Moronik breed of Madboyz. 

These guys made the ork army unpredictably fun in 2nd edition!  Let's face it, sure you play an Ork army to krump stuff, but what's the fun in that?  I would daresay the majority of Ork players play Orks because of their "fun" nature.  Wacky conversions, charging into melee when all else seems lost, brandishing strange, unpredictable firepower.  All these make up the fun feeling of the army.  So, why did GW cut back on this unpredictable nature of the Orks?

I have a theory.  It is no secret that in the past few years, GW has streamlined games and tried to appeal to a younger audience.  Well, the madboyz would have thrown that concept right out the window.  You would have to roll on multiple tables, and it was extremely convoluted and would slow the game down, even if they were fun.  So in an attempt to bring back the fun, and not slow the game down, I have updated these classics for 6th Ed.  (See previous Madboy entries

Moroniks are the epitome of unpredictable fun in an ork army.  They would just do things that were, dumb, stupid, and well...moronic!  Their chart appears below.

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