Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"No, I really mean it this time!" or "Why do trains run?"

I read this great post recently on the House of Paincakes.

Why is it so great?  Well it is on so many levels.  First of all, it sums up my excuses for not updating more often.  Besides that, the comments are very insightful as well. I have a backlog of ideas for articles and such, with what seems like little time lately.  In my opinion, it may be a poor excuse.  I am not saying that family, job and friends, and such aren’t important.  I just feel that I could take an hour every week to write some quality articles for the upcoming week.  I have tried to limit myself to posting just a few days each week, and that either turns into posting something all 7 days (which undoubtedly requires a bigger commitment) or posting once every few weeks.  Due to issues that came up (wife’s health, five-year-old, summer activities, and working nearly 55 hours per week to name a few.) I have been a bit lax on posting frequency.   I am not apologizing, but I am offering an excuse to my readers as to why posting frequency has taken a nosedive…perhaps I needed justification in my eyes, as I felt that I have let you down.

Yet, here you are, reading this.  My faithful followers!  It is nice to know that there are people who support each other in their hobbies, and no matter what happens personally, your hobby will be there with few changes.  Yes, I know rule changes and such.  But the hobby, building and painting miniatures and moving them around on a table to a predetermined set of rules will not change.  Different companies will come and go, but, the hobby has staying power. 

So, I have said before, I will try to pick up on the posting a bit more.  Yet, I need to find balance. ( ß can’t you hear Yoda saying that?)  With that being said, here is a new schedule, which will allow me to post semi-regularly, and still have time for family, and job.  Submitted for your approval (only somewhat, it is still my blog), a schedule with article ideas, and a brief description.  Something you would like to see?  Let us know by using the comments feature below!  Of course, this schedule will probably change sometime in the future.  Probably in the fall, along with a contest, stay tuned!  (And if there is a contest, the winners will be notified via e-mail, if the winner doesn’t claim their prize, another winner will be chosen until someone claims their prize.)

Serjury Sundayz - Quick fun, cut and pastes from the old codices…sometimes with commentary or fiction, sometimes without.
Madboy Mundayz – This one is just too fun to get rid of…besides, each “grouping” of Madboyz takes up 2 article slots!
Tourin’ Toozdayz – I am keeping this one for a quick simple article that showcases other people’s blogs, projects, and talent. Honestly, it doesn’t take much effort to write a couple sentences on a site/blog/post, give a quick critique, and post the silly squig skale!  Let’s face it, the squig skale is most of the fun!
Wednesdayz – No posts unless I am truly inspired.
Thursdays – No posting - My son has Karate Kommitments (man, I love alliteration within Orky language!), but you can be sure to check out Mike’s blog for hobby week updates. 
Fridays – No posting unless I am inspired.  If I do put something up on Fridays, it will be pretty “useless” in terms of the hobby. 
Second ed. Saturdayz – This may or may not be a regular feature.  It is sometimes hard digging in old material to come up with an article based on the old material.  Is there something you would like to see from a past edition? Let us know in the comments section below! (Doesn’t have to be 2nd ed.)
My favorite past time lately...

OK, this time I mean it!  No more slacking off for me! 

Here is today’s top 10 list of Excuses why you can’t or won’t post on your blog…(with apologies to David Lettermen)

10.     What’s a blog?

09.     But if I stop playing, my level 12 Elf mage might die!

08.    I am trying to watch Peirce Morgan!

07.     I am right in the middle of this book, and I don’t think the Little engine will make it this time!

06.     I really think Gilligan will make it off the island in this episode!

05.     I am working on a script for Pirates of the Caribbean 6!  - Yes 6, it is how “awesome” they are, they just skip over 5 and go right to 6!

04.     I am in a coma…seriously; I am transmitting this top ten psychically!

03.     GW called, and I am too busy writing an article for their monthly catalog…I mean White Dwarf!

02.     You now how hard it is to blog while pooping?

And the number one excuse for not blogging is….

01.     I forgot how to turn on the computer!

See you Saturday!

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