Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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As stated in the next post, please find a better title for this post.
My life…
Not that you care to hear what is going on in my personal life, but my 5 year old has an ear infection and upper respiratory infection.   I just got a lot more responsibility dumped on me at work. (With no increase in wage yet, hopefully one will be forthcoming.) 

Not to mention the normal business of preparing for the holidays…

So, why do I feel the need / desire to do hobby related stuff? 
Well, a hobby is supposed to take up our free time.  (I just don’t happen to have any at the moment.)

Before you answer, let me say that in order to fund my hobby, lately I have been doing commission work.  I will be posting pics of my stuff, but more so, I will have a gallery of my current commission projects.  (Along with info on how to contact me if you are interested in having something painted.) 
Currently I am working on some Heroquest  minis.  They shouldn’t take too long I wouldn’t think.  Right now they are the original red plastic color.   And the client wants them to match their cards.  Should be fun to paint! 
In other news, my Empire army is slowly being built, and I have almost 35 spearmen 50% completed for the upcoming campaign.  (Yet something else to add to “the list”…writing the campaign book with my collaborator.) 
Well, for all of you old school fluff enthusiasts out there…keep your eyes here.  (I have dusted off the time-machine, and am ready to take it for another spin.)
Tomorrow, enjoy the first in a series highlighting the Knightly Orders of the Empire, along with some special rules adapted for 8th ed.

On Friday, we will be reviewing a holiday classic with some new insights.   Yep, get out yer pink bunny pj’s, because we will look at “A Christmas Story.” 

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