Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Contests?  Sign me up!
I am doing a couple of quick contests for the blog here.  With some great prizes just in time for the holidays. 

Contest Number 1 - NEW HEADER

In the realization that the blog is moving in a new direction.  And it will entail 40k, WHFB, some mini painting commission updates/ hobby tutorials, the occasional Warmachine/Board Game/ RPG article, and just some articles about movies/TV/other stuff that I think is entertaining.  I realized that I need a new header for the blog.  One that not only says the name, but reflects the blog on a whole.  This is why I have decided to run a "Design the new Header" contest.  Now, you may be thinking, "Big deal, what's the prize?"  Well, the prize is a doozy...drumroll please.

Their choice of a scenery piece built by yours truly, or a free commission paint job for your mini.  (Infantry size or smaller.  Winner assumes shipping costs to get mini to me, and I will assume shipping costs to send back.)

Headers should be no larger than 725x250.  Any inapppropriate artwork will be immediately dismissed and the submitting party will have a stern public talking addition to being disqualified for the contest.

Second, and not so great, is the rename post number 178 contest. 

Ok, below is the original post.  I was going to post it, and realized I didn't have a title.  The first follower who can come up with a clever title for this post, will receive a $5 dollar discount on any commission work/ order placed through Digital Waaagh.  Same rule applies, nothing inappropriate, or we will have issues.

Submissions for both contests can be sent here.

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