Sunday, July 24, 2011

Serjury Sundayz - Squig arms

We have already seen how useful Squigs can be to Orkish Society.  Imagine if you will, you’re an ork, and your arm has gotten chopped off in battle.  (or blown off, but den again why didn’t it git chopped off in a scrap?  You’re an ork, not a panzee, next time get to da enemy ‘fore they git to yoo!) 

You avoid seeing the dok as long as you can, until the dok runs over to you and says, “Just da type o’ ork I wuz lookin’ fer!  Com’ere!  I gots a speshul arm dat I fink you’re gonna love!  You won’t even miss yer old one!”

Makes your stomach queasy right?  Well if not, what kind of an ork are you?!  I know that most orks would not be happy at the prospect of a new arm, until they got to try it out for a while, then they might enjoy it.

Well, this arm is a good example of that.  The squig arm!  No, it isn’t where the dok just grafts a live squig onto the bloody stump of an ork.  (Although, I am sure it has been tried by both feral and non-feral doks alike!  Much to the chagrin of the patient and squig both!)

A squig arm is a cybork arm with a small cage attached to hold various squigs.  Typically used are small attack squigs, or buzzer squigs. 

Here is the original excerpt…

So, there you have it.  Another wacky “improvement” by the doks!

How do you suppose this type of enhancement would work in 5th edition?  I thought count as having frag grenades, +1 to attack, and -1 to initiative.  Thoughts?

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