Sunday, April 3, 2011

Squig Sunday - A look at the different species of Squig - Buzzer Squigs

This will be the last we see of Squig sunday for a while.  We have had a great journey through the land of the squigs.  We saw a lot of squigs, and though there are more, it is time to move on for now.  We will come back eventually with Squig sunday.

For this "last" installment, we look at the Buzzer Squigs, or Buzzing Squigs (depends on where your get your information.)  The idea of these things freak me out.  (Especially since I am allergic to Bees.)  I picture these things would look like this in "real" life.  Anyways, here are the origninals.

Rogue Trader
'Ere we go

Next week we will start a new jouney into the Dok's tent as we look at some of the "upgrades" available for Da Boyz.

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  1. They were fun in game too. This really was a great journey. Thanks for putting them all up.