Sunday, February 6, 2011

Squig Sunday - A look at the different species of Squig - Face-eaters

As we continue looking at the different species of Squigs, this week we take a look at the infamous face eater, perhaps the most easily recognized of all squigs as far as models go.  Small appendages, and HUGE teeth and jaws.  Sometimes they are trained to be attack squigs for the Bosses.  More times than not, they are used for sport.  (Read original excerpt below.)  The most famous example of a Face-eater squig is the attack squig used on the Warboss with Attack Squig.  So read about the fierce Face-Eater squig below, and make sure you have your iron gob firmly in place...

So, there you have it, my Warboss will take on all comers for a face-eatin' squig challenge.  That gives me an idea.  A home brew game of a face-eatin' squig contest.  Ideas welcome.  I will make it a "community project"  The best ideas being written in the rules, and the final result being published here on the blog.


  1. Get a pitt bull terrier and dangle that over your face. The rest of the rules detailed in the description then apply.

  2. So many good ideas. Great drawing too.