Friday, March 18, 2011

Fungus Fridays - Where did all the mushrooms go?

Have you noticed that in the early editions of 40k, the orks seemed to have a plethera of mushrooms in their background and art.  What happened?  They are definitely not as prominent now as they were...
There is a small stigma of drug use associated with mushrooms.  However, is that the reason?  I think it is something deeper.  Perhaps in their zeal to turn Orks into violent barbarians of the galaxy, GW did away with some of the more "fun" aspects of the Ork background.  This can be seen in many ways.  (I want the Hop-splat gun back.) 

Long gone are the days of the goofy ork, and even though there is still a bit of a "fun" aspect, GW removed the fungus. 

Why then do I produce a weekly article speaking of this oft-overlooked bit to the orkish society?  The answer is three-fold.
1.)  It is content filler...I need something to put on my blog besides my orkish ravings and current projects.

2.)  To bring some of the "fun" back to the Orks that is lacking sometimes.

3.) To inspire players utilizing past background and home brew rules...

"What is the fungus this week?" you may ask.
 Well, although I have not found any more relating to 40k, I could speak on Mad Cap mushrooms...but we all know what those are. ;-)

Quite honestly, I have run out of "background fungus", which brings me to be innovative and come up with something to discuss for Fungus Fridays....(See wacky wednesdays) 

So, expect just a couple more "home-brew" fungus, and in April, we shall start a new series on Fridays!  (I will just say that it will involve my followers, and freinds...)

Next week we will look at the "Sticky Snotgrabber."

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