Saturday, March 19, 2011

Second Edition Saturday - Skarboyz

I think the time machine is in need of repair.  This week, we only arrived in 1999.  The year that y2k fever hit.  The year that the first of  prequel movies for Star Wars was released in the form of "The Phantom Menace", and Britney Spears released her debut album "Baby One More Time".  (Wow, 1999 kinda sucked, didn't it?  Although the Matrix was released as well.)  So, why are we talking about 1999?  Orks, 3rd edition.  In particular the Skarboyz.  Much like a step between Nobs and Boyz, the Skarboyz filled a spot in the Elites section.  Here it is...along with some modeling examples that were given in the hobby section of the Codex.

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