Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesdays - Grey Knights

Reading the various rumors about the upcoming Grey Knights codex, I started to think perhaps I should jump on the bloggy bandwagon and leave my 2 cents about them.

Ok, first off, every "shiny new army" is "the best".  False...GW has tried to do a good job by keeping things pretty much balanced.  It is up to you to exploit your enemy's weakness, and play to your army's strengths.  That being said, I did read some nasty things about the Grey Knights that would have my warboss "quakin' in 'iz boots" but, I am not too worried as there is always a way around it....isn't there?

Ok, there is one in particular that I am dead scared about...

Purifiers: Grey Knights that have a lot of anti horde options, they are the ones with the power that will do a wound on every engaged enemy model in cc on 4+.

How do I take care of these guys?  I guess I could concentrate a boomgun on them and hope for the best...

Zone of Banishment(Captain Stern only): During Stern's assault phase. All models (friend and foe, but NOT stern) within 6" make a strength test or are removed from play. Demons must re-roll successful tests.  

Easy answer - Old Zogwort turns 'im into a squig!

What do you think of the rumours?  Anything that you like/dislike?  As for me, I think this pretty much sums it up...


  1. I have no basis to answer... I have no well-formed opinions since Old Zogwort turned me into a squig. On the plus side, I'm a much less picky eater.

  2. Old Zogwort vs psychic defence (they're an Imperial army released for fifth edition, they'll have it!) - how do you see that working out?

  3. A better answer to deal with Purifiers will be Killa Kans. They can spam all the wounds they want against my front AV11. Let's just hope the Purifiers don's come with powerfists!

    I agree with Von. Old "Unreliable" Zogwort is likley to be easily countered by the Grey Knights anti-psychic gear. Zogwort uses an HQ slot which, IMHO, should be filled with a KFF Big Mek and Ghazzy in another.
    Again a better answer would be a Kan wall.
    Once Stern is engaged in CC he can't move around on foot to put the Zone of Banishment where he wants it. Something you will need to fear is Stern in a transport assuming he can measure from the transports hull and as we know, Orks don't deal well with armor outside of CC.

    But of course these are all rumors. I'll worry about it when the codex comes out ;)

  4. True that. I should have said Old Zogwort (tongue in cheek)