Friday, February 18, 2011

Fungus Friday - Fungus Brew

Fungus brew - the name alone conjurs up images of foul tasting concoctions.  Imagine the taste of mushrooms with beer...mmm, tasty.  There are many mentions of Fungus brew in Orkish society.  Many tribes have built up brew halls dedicated to drinking.  Many a fight was had over a spilled pint of a Nob's favorite brew.  Since there are many types and breeds of mushrooms and squigs both, an Ork brew master has a limitless varieties of ales and brews to make.  Some fungus beer halls pride themselves on their own particular brand of ale.  
Many tribes have their own favorite "brand".  

Here are some home brew (pun intentional) for using Fungus brew in your games of 40k based on some that I found on some 40k forums.

Choose one unit of boyz to have gone drinking before the waaagh. That unit cost 8pts per boy.  Roll a D6 and consult the chart below to see how badly the orks are intoxicated.

6 -  No sense, no feeling: Unit has a 5+ feel no pain save.
5 - What' dyoo say?!: The unit counts as having the "fleet" USR, and as a result, must always move towards the nearest enemy unit.

4 - Seeing double: When rolling a mob size test, you may double the number of Ork models for the purposes of the test. (For example, a mob of 4 Orks will pass a mob size test on a roll of 8 or lower.)

3 - Drunk - Unit has Slow and Purposeful USR
2 - Snotbrained - Unit has its BS increased to 3 and WS reduced by 1.

1-  Nicely sloshed: All Ork models reduce their WS by 1.

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  1. That'll put hairs on your chest! All that rereading of the old sources is fun in itself, but it's paying off for all of us in game terms too if you're going to distill it down into concoctions like this.