Monday, February 14, 2011

Mek Mondays - Looted Tank WIP

So here is a tank I had sitting around.  Ok, it is not quite like it was when I built it the first time.  I had the original Leman Russ with a few orky bits glued on, painted in my old scheme from 2000.  (Orks were really green, and my gretchin were almost neon in color.)  So, I had this tank under the old 3rd ed rules, with turbo booster.  I think hakomike may have a pic laying around of the original model somewhere.  This is a work in progress post, lots of details left to do, like the top of the stikkbomms need paint, some glyphs and armor plates need some paint/decoration yet.  The "grey" of the tank is actually a kommando khaki type Vostroyan scheme.  I am not sure why it came out so grey to the camera.  I decided to go blue with the main color since it fits the united Waaagh! theme that I am doing.  Looted = Deffskullz since they are the best at it.  And of course I had to add enough red to it to count as a Red paint job.  Not to mention make it look like the orks painted it, which was tough considering I had painted it nearly like a perfect Vostroyan tank base coat, and messed it up on purpose...
Taking some inspiration from the Ork Codex, I decided that something needed to be done to the turret.  So, I cut off the cannon, and used some pipes from the 40k building kit.  Then, I added some spikey bitz and chain around the turret to orkify it even more.

                                                         Enough idle chatter, here are the pics!

Check it out, a poor beakie lost 'iz life and 'iz 'elmut...hur hur.

Hey ooomies, we gotz ur tank, now it shootz wiff a bigger bang!

Wot tank wouldn't be komplete wiffout a effigy of Gork in da front?

We didn't change dis side much from da oomies paint job, so we can sneak up on dem.

Dis side is blue, cos its lucky...get it!?

Dat dere skull is from a beastie dat we killed a while back...course, by beastie, I mean we looted it from a trukk in camp fair n square.

Here is a speshul kustom job dat da mek did usin some beakie vehicle wot flies...silly beakies, dey should know dat wat goez up, getz shot down...

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  1. Any tank in danger of flopping over from the weight of the main gun is Orky enough for me!

    Love how you painted the land speeder engines red.... FASTA!!!