Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wacky Wednesday - Orks in da house...

So, I awoke one morning to find my son calling me to his room telling me he was thristy.  (Not unusual.)  So, I got some milk, and trudged up the stairs, and told him to stay in bed and play until mommy and daddy got up.  He said, "OK", and I thought he might just play and watch tv.  When I called him down later, he cried, "I can't!" I asked why and he just kept saying "I can't...just because!"  So, I went back upstairs, and found him sitting on his bed like this...(face hidden at mother's request to protect the innocent.)
It turns out, he got out the green marker and colored on himself because he wanted to be an Ork...he put stickers on himself because "Some orks have tattoos...right dad?"
That's my crazy, orky boy.


  1. I think you should henceforth refer to him as 'Little Ork' in your best Treebeard voice, and refer to his misdeeds as 'Ork Mischief'. It's only warranted.

  2. That is an awesome it is written, so shall it be done!