Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mek, Kan and YoSquigity Sam...wait, What?!

I know you have seen my Kan that I have been working on, but I decided to show some of the WIP pics as I cleaned up the checks on the front, and I want to show you the top a bit more.

Here is the Mek that I painted a couple years ago that goes with him.

Here they are together...I think they have turned out pretty good side by side...

And now for something completely different...a few years back, ok longer than that (8 years to be exact), I had a co-worker dare me to do a "Yosemite Sam" Ork.  So, I got a pair of Night Goblins legs, and went to work sculpting a hat and 'stache.  This is the final product.  It was before I even started drilling out guns!

And here he is next to the Mek for a size comparison...

And just because I am going crazy posting pics...here is a WIP sneak peak of Warboss Gitstomp 'Eadbasha Snikthraka.

OK, he is a re-paint of my old Bad Moonz boss, so what?  I still think it counts as a WIP since I need to put an elaborate back banner on him...

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