Thursday, February 3, 2011

Squaterday - (AKA Thursday's Squat filled post) - Strongholds

<:Incoming Message:>
<:Astropath Zeneka:>
<Welcome Inquisitor:>

- Inquisitor Ezekiel Thrud recording savant servitor H-980 of the Dauntless currently deployed in the Gothic Sector -
I have found a small remnant of an abandoned mining facility, Imperial Records show that our Beloved Emperor's minerals came from such a facility, even if they were not in the Administratum, or under the Imperial Jurisdiction of that time.  Further research is required.  I have assembled a team and with your permission Lord Thornakk, I will continue.

:::<End Transmission>:::

::<Incoming Message>::
::<Astropath Zeneka>::

Inquisitor - Cease all research into this mining facility at once!
Lord Thornakk - High Council Terra

::<End Transmission>::

Squats had a community called a Stronghold, many of these were mining facilities of long ago.  Some were still in operation at the time of their disappearance.  Strongholds were ruled by a hereditary Lord, guarded closely by personal bodygaurd called Hearthguard.

Strongholds would often join together into leagues for defense purposes, with as few as four strongholds or up to 3000 strongholds.  So, leagues would vary greatly in size and equipment.
There were no formal organization for leagues, though they would keep in constant communication in time of war.


  1. Word from the past, and dare I suggest the future? The clock is ticking down to S-Day, even if it's labelled D-Day.

  2. happy birthday squats! It makes me want to repaint my squat army.

  3. I would love to play against a fully painted Squat army.

    I have the 5th ed rules if anyone is interested.