Sunday, February 13, 2011

Squig Sunday - A look at the different species of Squig - Spiky Squigs

This week we take a look at the elusive Spiky Squig.  This is an interesting breed of Squig that I personally would love to see incorporated back into the Ork rules somehow.  I picture a cage like device that is thrown, and when it hits, the squig pops out, and shoots spikes in all directions.  Poison of course...


  1. Shoots spines rather like a porcupine? Meaning "not at all"?

    Seriously, where did the notion that porcupines shoot quills come from? (Perhaps from being described in terms of spiky squigs.... hmm.)

  2. Perhaps it's awkward construction, and refers to the spines as porcupine like?

    Capcha: Flailing.