Friday, February 11, 2011

Second Edition Saturday - Vampires

I like Vampires, with the original Dracula story by Bram Stoker being one of the best.  That being said, I feel that vampires have their own place and time, even though they are "immortal" I don't care for modern vampire stories as much as the "classic" vampire tales.  That being said, I do like Lost Boys and some other modern day vampire stories, they are just not my favorite.  I once saw a movie where it mixed vampires into the sci-fi genre.  I hated it. (Perhaps it was a poor script, or poor budget, I am not sure which, but hopefully it will be done "right" some day.) Now, "Why are you talking about vampires?"  you may ask.  Well, reading through some of the creatures available to the GM during the early days of 40k, when it was called Rogue Trader, I came across vampires.  In 40K?  Yes, check it out below and leave thoughts.  After reading this, I am somewhat inspired to do a kitschy conversion of an ork dressed and acting like a Bela Lugosi Dracula. (Above)

Here is the original article...


  1. I vant to hit you on a 3+ repeatedly in close combat! Blah!

    I dunno.... Vampires just don't do it for me right now. Maybe I'm just suffering from Twilight/True Blood cultural overload.

    And yes, Bela Lugorki would be awesome.

  2. I hear ya, the whole team Edward/Jacob/Barney...w/e thing has got me feeling the same way.