Friday, February 11, 2011

Fungus Friday - Sporlings

Ork scary!

So, with the upcoming "Hallmark Holiday" here in the US, I thought I would take a different stance on it.  (Most gamers I know, don't celebrate it, or even talk about it.  St. Valentines Day-brings to mind images of Cherubs with bows, and heart tipped arrows, chocolates, expensive dinners and gifts.  I got to thinking.  What do orks love?  Orks love...battle!  There is no mention in the 40k fluff about Orkish females.  There is a simple explanation for this, Ork reproduction has evolved into a very simple process.  

We know that the Orkoid race is part plant.  Not as well known however, that orks carry millions of spores all over their body.  When an ork is active, these spores fall of of their skin and seep into the ground.  Particularly, shaded, or dark areas that are also somewhat moist, will be a prime breeding ground for these spores to grow into the mushrooms that will bear the ork embryo.  (Note: Blowing up orks, or shooting them only leads to lots more orks, so even if you defeat the orks, they will win by attrition.)  

The mushrooms that sprout these ork embryos are known as Sporlings, some societies within the orkoid race have taken to farming sporlings to increase the size of their Waaagh!  Thus, Sporlings become very valuable property.  

So, if you see a mushroom, you never know it could be an ork.
I admit, my knowledge of Sporlings/Orks is somewhat perfunctory, if you have anything else to add or expound on, please leave a comment!

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