Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wacky Wednesday - "Beardy" or Competitive?

When does competitive gaming cross the line into being "Beardy" or "Cheesy" or "Broken"?  I myself play middle of the road.  As I recently read on a forum, "I just shoot them all, and charge whats left and let Gork sort them out."  That's pretty much how I play, just aggressive enough, not overly competitive.  I don't like tourneys because they are too competitive, and you get cheats, and crybabies.  So, I play to have fun first, then possibly when if I can pull it out.
Often times when you think about it, the best games are the ones that "Come down to the wire" and are a close call, the one where it comes down to one dice roll.  (And without fail, someone will come by and say, "Anything but a..." blowing your chance at victory.)  So, to help push a win, some players come up with really hard "combos".
One of which I read recently, was to put Ghazakul, in with Snikrot and his boys, add in Mad Doc Grotsnik for an added bonus.  All of which pop up on a table edge where you want them.  So, imagine the look on your opponents face when Ghazzy, accompanied by Snikrot, and a bunch of Cybork crazed Kommandos appear behind his lines.   And its perfectly legal...ethical, not so much, but it is legal.  (NOTE: I would only use this on my worst enemy.)

So, have you ever used a "beardy" combo? If so, what was it?  How did your opponent react?


  1. I have been accused of bearding up like a good 'un in WFB now and again - something about being an early adopter of the Drakenhof Banner on a unit of Black Knights, packing a Vampire up front with Red Fury and the Blood Drinker (efficiently regenerating wounds on cavalry models = priceless). The Black Knight Fun Bus was extremely effective, limited largely by my regularly deploying it on a flank and then forgetting it was there...

    Opponents objected less than you'd think, chiefly because my Wights had a profound ability to miss everything...

  2. I too figured out the cybork trick a while back and as cheesy as it was to use, it was overly expensive and cumbersome to put the unit where I wanted it due to Doc Grotsniks rule. I did of course beat the snot out of two units I multi-assaulted but found my opponent pulling back to shoot me and leading my slow and purposeful moving unit by the nose about the battlefield.
    So as awesome as some Deathstar units like this can be, they are not without their weaknesses.

    I did find it quite humorous when I used Ghazzy's Prophet of the Waaagh! on my opponents turn once he decided to unload into him, with a 2+ INV! Gork and Mork were with me that day and I saved a crap ton of Imperial Guard shooting leaving Ghazzy unwounded!
    There was a lot of whinning and swearing from my opponent about how chessey it was to use Ghazzy's ability like that but it does say in the Ork rulebook that it "may be called at ANY time". >:D