Sunday, January 23, 2011

Squig Sunday - Eatin' Squigs

Eatin' Squigs - mmm.  Sounds tasty right?  Ork culture doesn't seem to have a refined palate, so to think of them eating squigs is no big.  Well, grab your eatin' sticks, cause what you think you may know about ork cuisine is about to change.

Squigs perform a wide variety of roles within orkish society, and none are more over-looked than the eatin' squig.  Although there are many varieties of eatin' squigs to choose from, each one offering a unique taste experience, to the orks, they are just a way to sustain oneself, and if there is not any nearby, well, hopefully there is a snotling or gretchin to chew up.  Picture a Gretchin walking about an ork city with a tray full of piping hot squigs of various colors and smells.  "Get yer hot, chewy morsels here! Only 2 teef!"  If you look at the current fluff, most orks would simply knock upside the head, and take the food for themselves.  Looking back at 2nd Ed or even Rogue Trader, the Ork Society was a bit more civilized.  The imagery above was actually from a story in the Waaargh! the Orks book from Rogue Trader.  It offered us a good look at Eatin' Squigs.

So, the Gretchin cooked for the orks eh?  I had a Konversion brainstorm of a few Gretchin cooks standing over a pot, and an ork standing behind them leveling his slugga at them and saying, "Oi, I said make it wiff more spicy Squig!"  I love the orks, the humorous, and unpredictable nature of the orks, the wacky background.  It is all good.

So, what do you think Squig taste like?  Mushrooms and Steak?  Ham and pepper?  Bacon and Cactus?  I guess that all depends on the squig, and the cook!

Next time, we will look at one of my personal favorites, hair squigs....wait, what?  Hair Squigs?


  1. Juicy squigs from the depths of the drops? I'd forgotten about that, but what an idea. Think of the grots and snots exploring that habitat.

  2. "Pongo! Ya found anyfin' down there?"

    "Bad smells 'n' slimy fings, chief!"

    "Well, keep lookin' - dinner fer six ain't cookin' itself now, izzit?"