Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second Edition Saturday 2 - Squats! Part 1

Squats - The very name conjurs up images of a bygone era of 4 sided dice, and homebrew vehicles.  You want to see a GW executive or staffer cringe?  Mention Squats.  

Squats were for lack of a better term, space dwarfs. Their homeworlds were part of the Imperium, and were cut off for nearly a millinnea, and yet their society grew strong.  They are "a very determined and resilient race", according to Leman Russ.

This is a first in a series, as there is a lot of information on the lost race "doomed to never return" to the universe of Warhammer 40,000.  (The "regular" Squat featured articles will begin on Thursdays, stay tuned.)

Background - The history of the Squats was divided into 5 ages.   The age of Founding being the first.  (Although, officially, it didn't count.)  It corresponds with the Dark Age of Technology for the Imperium. The second (first) age is The age of Isolation squat mining colonies were cut off from the rest of the Imperium by terrible warpstorms.  Once the warpstorms abated, the Age of Trade began, wherein the Squats made contact with both Ork and Eldar.  The Imperium was in the middle of the age of Strife at this time.  Squats were able to establish trade with both Ork and Eldar Races.  The age of War began after nearly three millennia when an enormous Ork fleet under the command of Grunhag the Flayer attempted a full scale invasion of the homeworlds.  Squats appealed to the Eldar for help, but none was received.  Many Strongholds were wiped out by the Orks at this time.  Today, Imperial expeditions are held under the greatest secrecy of the Adeptus Mechanicus to rediscover lost Squat technology.  The final age is the Age of Rediscovery.  As the Imperium began to recover from the Age of Strife, Squat homeworlds were rediscovered, and contact re-established.

Squats are allowed a certain autonomy within the Imperium, yet their homeworlds are nearly entirely within the Imperium.  The Squats negotiated a series of treaties which allowed them to keep their independence.  Since the Squat characteristics fall in line with the Imperial point of view, they are allowed self-government.  In exchange for their comparitive freedom, the homeworlds provide troops for the Imperial forces.

Next week we will begin our journey into Squat Society.


  1. Good starting point for what's shaping up to be a great ride. All that material just waiting to be used - the background, art, lists and minis, across 40K and Epic both, and Epic was where they really shone, with the massive machines.

    If you need inspiration or specifics, Hungry Ghosts has two great series on them, on their kit in Epic and on all the material ever published in White Dwarf. He also has lots to say about place in the game and the 41st millennium and how this changed over the years.

  2. Thanks Porky, I have the Compendium (Red Book) but, I lacked the other WD articles.

  3. Also, my main man Curis has produced a modernised Squat army featuring broadened and shortened - Squattified, in fact - versions of Imperial tanks.

    It's quite cool.

  4. The Squats appear briefly in Gav Thorpe's latest novel The Purging of Kadillas.

  5. I remember him mentioning something about it when he was writing it. (He is on my Facebook)