Monday, January 24, 2011

Da Pumpkin 'Eadz Klan

So several years ago while I was playing Mordheim, I had an idea to run orks.  (Since my Vampire had let me down in somewhat terrible fashion, and my Undead gang all but disintegrated to dust.)  After reading the orks entry in Town Cryer, I picked up some models, and got to building.  I got them built and primed, and couldn't figure how to paint them, then the idea from Mork, struck me like a giant green thunderbolt.  Da Pumpkin 'Eadz!  I would paint most of their clothes black, but every Orc and Goblin in the warband would have an Orange Helmet, Cap/Hood, or even just orange warpaint.  Orange being a much underutilized color, I decided to have a go at using it on a small enough force where I didn't care how it really turned out.  But, I had a plan.  I even thought of a cool icon for them to use.  I didn't have much of a backstory, just that they would raid towns, and like pumpkins so much that they started using them everywhere they could, even if they didn't make good helmets!  Now that my Orc and Goblin warband is retired, and sold, I wanted to honor their memory in my current Ork force for 40k, so I am doing one of my boyz units as Pumpkin 'Eadz.  Although I don't typically use unit standards in my 40k ork army, I figured Da Pumpkin 'Eadz are one that could utilize one as I think it looks to cool not to use.  Here is a basic premise.  (forgive my MS paint skillz)

I will be posting more on Da Pumpkin Eadz and how they fit in the 40k Universe, and into my Armageddon army...

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