Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second Edition Saturday - Characteristics

The year, 1987 a fledgling science fiction based narrative wargame is taking the UK by storm.  It's name, Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader.  It was because of the success of the fantasy game of Warhammer, that a small (ok, not terribly small, even at that time.) company by the name of Games Workshop decided to expand their product base, and today that same game, even though it has seen many revisions, has been a lifelong hobby for over 1 million people for nearly 25 years!  (At last "official" count, there was about 1.5 million players/fans, and this was in 2003, assuming a growth of about 6% every year due to some people quitting, and new players coming in, that figure has reached a staggering 2.22 million!)  Now it is time to look back and see how this all got started...

The profiles of the warriors in your chosen army were pretty much the same now, with the exception of "personal characteristics"  each model had an additional set of 3 characteristics not currently in use.  These are described below.  (Note: Leadership, fell under the category of "personal characteristics" and is not listed, since it has not really changed all that much.  Therefore, I felt I could leave it out even though it is in the original book.)

Intelligence - (Int) This shows a creature's ability to think and use technical equipment.  The lowest Int is 1, and the highest is 10.  Creatures with really low Int are unable to use certain types of equipment.

Cool - (Cl)  This characteristic reflects a creatures temperament, and its ability to stay calm and under control.  Values go from 1 to 10.  Creatures with a very low Cl may lose control of their actions and may do unpredictable or hysterical things.  Creatures with a high Cl are just the opposite; they can be unaffected by sights of  and experiences that reduce frail creatures to jelly.

And finally we have...
Will Power - (Wp) This is a measure of mental resistance, a creature with a high Wp can often avoid or escape the effects of psychic attack.  Values go from 1 to 10.

Here is what the example looked like in the original book.  

For those of you really looking forward to the Squat expose, I will be posting later today on Squats. (2 Second ed articles for the price of one!)


  1. Rogue Trader is a book of dark jewels. I'm ready for those Squats.

  2. You forgot to mention that there was a movement-stat too!
    Not every model had the same movement. It started at 3" for Squats and ended at 6" for Genestealers. I think only cavalry had a movement of 8".

    I really like to read your posts about the 2nd Ed. (strictly speaking its more the 1st Ed. though ;-) )

    My group still plays 2nd and from time to time we even get new players!