Monday, January 31, 2011

Mek Mondays - Things on the table...

So, I decided to use Mondays to post what I am currently working on.   This week the highlight is my 2nd Kan (1st one will be posted tomorrow with Mek and a few others.) w  Ya, I did sum Kustom werk..using a kannon from da baneblade kit, I made a Grotzooka!
I made it so I could swap it out for the Skorcha if I wanted simply slides into place over the Skorcha.

Here are da pics...

Here he iz wif da mek wot made 'im

C&C welcome


  1. Me too - the scrap going in the top is a good way of doing things.

  2. is it wrong to say "adorable"? Orks are so frickin' fun! I want one or twelve!