Monday, August 1, 2011

Madboy Mundayz - Phobiaks Part 2

Ok, here it is quick and dirty...rules for 5th ed Phobiaks...

0-1 Phobiak Madboyz

Note: No more than one unit of Madboyz may be taken regardless of what type of madboyz they are.

Unit size 5-20 Madboyz

Armed with slugga and choppa.

May be armed with shootas for no additional points.

3 points per Madboy

One Madboy may be upgraded to a Painboy at +10 points

Additional Rules

Roll a D6 at the beginning of each ork turn, and consult the chart below.

Waaargh, jibber -jibber - The unit becomes catatonic realizing how big the universe is, or how dangerous battle truly is.  Whatever the case, they are decidedly un-orky until the next ork player's turn.
It's gonna get us, Run Away! - The boys are convinced something terrible is chasing them.  (Or in front of them, or to one of their flanks.)  Move the unit 3d6" in a random direction as indicated on the scatter dice.

Quick!  Werz sumtin to hide behind?! - The unit decides that they need to hide, quickly!  The unit moves  2d6 towards the nearest cover, and will immediately go to ground this turn.  If the unit has enough movement as indicated on the dice to move into cover, they may do so, and not go to ground.

Oomies!?  We hatez oomies! - The boyz see the nearest unit (friend or foe) as oomies, and they hate oomies.  The unit must shoot at the nearest unit in the shooting phase.  (friend or foe - normal armor saves apply)

Everyone is lookin' at us!  - The boyz are suddenly afraid that the entire ork society is watching them, and they better act decidedly orky so as to impress the rest.  The unit counts as having invunerable saves, and being fleet for this turn.  But, they must charge the nearest enemy unit with the highest point cost.  If there is one or more enemy units tied in points, then the controlling player of those units chooses which one is charged.

Waaagh! - This unit incites a waaagh in the rest of the army.  (Treated as a sucessful weirdboy power.)

Let me know how these rules workout, as I have not had a chance to playtest them yet.

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