Monday, April 4, 2011

Madboy Mundayz - Frantiks

In this the first in a new series featuring the Madboyz from the bygone days of Rogue Trader, we look at the Frantiks.  First, let’s analyze what a madboy is.
In the days of Rogue Trader the madboyz  mob is defined thus:

So, you see, the unpredictable nature of this unit, caused a lot of heartache, despair, and joy to the controlling player.  There were 10 different mood types of Madboyz, each with their own quirks.  Occasionally, you would have to roll a D10 to see if the unit’s mood had changed.  (If a friendly unit within 6” of them charged or routed for example.)  Once mood was determined, you would roll on the corresponding “mood chart” to see what the unit did that turn.  Later on in 3rd edition, there were simplified rules for a unit of Madboyz.

This was the mood chart for “Frantik” behaviour.


Next week we will look at how you would use them in a game of 5th edition.


  1. D10?! D12?!!?!! What Xenos heresies are these?!

  2. Where did all this cool stuff go to? Why not re-releases, official, optional supplements like the Imperial Armour books?

  3. Or at least Chapter Approved in White Dwarf (like they did in 3rd ed.), but then again, all White Dwarf has become is a pale shadow of its former self,now it is just one big catalogue ad...

  4. HAve you seen the latest WD? about 90% GK and the one before that about 90% O&G and the one before that....

    Basicly whatever is the newest release by GW that month is what the magazine is about. I no longer buy WD's unless there's a new army released that I want to know everything about. I bet you next month it will be 90% tomb Kings...

    but anyway, cool stuff I have a pile of old WD's and it's so much fun reading them again. the only thing that improved IMO is the quality of the models.


  5. Awesome look at the old, more humorous Orks. Every so often I flip through the old 'Ere We Go and Waaagh the Orks books for inspiration for da boyz, and I always get a chuckle out of the old Madboyz charts. Granted, it tended to slow the game down a bit, but man it was chock full of flavor! Love these trips through the wayback machine, keep 'em coming!