Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop the Presses! - You mean there are other games out there?!

So, I have been bitten by the Warmachine bug lately.  I used to play Warmachine about 7 years, that was a while back, wasn't it?  I stopped playing around the time that Apothosis came out.  So, my wonderfully painted Cygnar army collected dust, and sat unused.  In 2009, Warmachine was re-released with MK II, and I thought once again about digging out the "Blue Brigade"  But, the steam I had run out quickly, and I was on to my Empire army, which was quickly shelved in favor of going back and working on my Orks.  Now, here I sit working on my Cygnar once again, gearing up for a game next week. 

Then my good friend, hakoMike tells me of Malifaux...really?  I thought that game sounded cool when it came out.  But does that mean I have to get a starter box for that game too?!  Well, I think I will read the book first. 

For now, I will be content working on my Cygnar...oh, and some Orks when I decided to take them off the back burner. 

So, what does that mean for this Blog? 

Nothing!  I will continue to post here, same as always, with content geared towards 40k.  Occasionally, I may post my progress on my Cygnar army.  (This falls into "da uvver stuff" category on the header.)

Will post a pic of "Siege" Brisbane soon...
And remember the old orky addage... "blue is lucky"!

I have my work cut out for me...


  1. "the steam I had run out quickly" ... I get it!

  2. Malifaux is a good time, and you could always use the Gremlins for gretchin/grots. I've been working on my Farrow for Hordes and mapping out my first trukk. All in all it is a pretty good time to be in the hobby.

  3. I have a Trollbloods starter box, I may have to get the Hordes MK II rules...