Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “balance” associated with 40k?  Do you think armies?  Points?  Codices?    Balance is a broad term that can cover many aspects of the hobby.  Today we are going to look at the lesser known aspects, and how they relate to balance. 

What is your hobby?  What do you enjoy most about this hobby?  I have made no secret, that I want to inspire people to break beyond the borders of their own hobby, and just try something new.  The worst thing that could happen is you waste a little time on something you didn’t thoroughly enjoy, in which case, the hobby did its job.  (Hobbies are meant to act as time-killers, and give us some enjoyment as well.)  So, in essence, if you try something new, and it is not for you, do not fret.  You have not lost anything because of it.  This doesn’t mean go out and purchase a whole new army/game system/model right away.  (Then you would have lost something other than time.)  No, that means try a new list that you haven’t tried.  Proxy some models if you need to.  (Talk to your opponent and ask their permission first.)  This hobby is only as limited as you are, so expand your own horizons to a new and exciting feature of the hobby you have yet to explore!

Ok, I’m stepping off the box a bit for now.  That being said, everything is better in moderation.  (The only exception is cash. – ed.)  So, what is there left to talk about balance?  Utilizing the above principle of trying new things, balance out your game and painting time, and you may just find more enjoyment to your hobby.  For example; every hour you spend gaming, spend an hour painting. 

To use an analogy that is not oft heard when it comes to our hobby…

Our hobby is like a table, each leg represents a different aspect of the hobby.  One leg is painting and building, the other is collecting, another is gaming, and the last leg is the background and history.  If one of those is out of balance, then the table would be wobbly. 

Think about it for a moment.

If a gaming group had nothing but painters in it, it may grow a bit stale over time.  It would lack excitement. 

Where do you fall in?  Where can you go with your personal hobby?  For me, I really enjoy painting and building, but don’t play very often. 

I am going to set myself a goal.  I plan on gaming once a month.  (To some, it may not seem like much, but considering I played all of 2 games in the last year, it’s not bad.) 

Set yourself a goal, and leave a comment on how you can be better balanced, and what your goal is.

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