Sunday, April 17, 2011

Serjury Sundayz - Periscope

“…an’ dats 'ow I got me speshul ‘ead!” The ork said who now had a large audience looking at his rebuilt cranium. 
The dok looked on in pride.  Just a few hours ago, dat ork ‘ad stumbled into ‘is tent ‘olding ‘is brain in ‘is ‘ands, and now, ‘e was da main attraction in da kamp....

“Da oomies are shootin’ again!  Duck down, den we’z run in and smash em like da pansies dey are!”  The Nob shouted above the din of battle, “Dis ‘ere iz OUR world, we found it fair ‘n skware!  Da Big Boss don’t care if dey waz ‘ere when we found it, now git up an skwash doz oomies!” 

Skabbog jumped up from the trench and ran as fast as he could toward the Imperial Defensive line.   All around him, explosions rang out, as green limbs went flying in all directions.  “Dis iz it!  Dis iz why orkz wuz made!” he thought as he ran through the smoke cloud left behind by the buggies that careened by a few seconds before.  Looking to his right while he ran, Skabbog noticed that the burna boyz had succeeded in setting fire to a few of the oomies hiding out in a bunker.  “Hur, Hur!” he always thought it was funny to see oomies do a “burny dance”.  The other ork boys chuckled as well.  Suddenly, Skabbog felt a sharp blow to the back of his head, and it dazzled him for a second.  “Oi!  Keep yer eyes straight!  Ya don’t want to get shot up by da oomie shootas before da proppa scrap!”  It was his Nob, Mugshak.  Skabbog continued to run, when he noticed that the flashes from the Imperial guns seemed to slow down, and the battle suddenly got quiet. 

He looked to his Nob who sneered at him, and kicked him down.  His chest felt like it couldn’t breathe, as his vision blurred.  “Wha…happened?” He mumbled, as he collapsed in the dust.  He saw some bommerz overhead and then everything went black. 

“Oi!  Yoo gonna wake up now!  Yoo missed all da good fightin’!”  The voice seemed to come from far away.  “Aw, we better leave ‘im be’ind look at ‘iz ‘ead!  He probably izn’t even alive, lets keep lookin’ fer some oomie stuff!”  Skabbog sat up, and felt a tug on his head, that seemed to keep him from sitting up all the way.  When he looked over he say a cord laying next to him on the ground.  He picked it up, and it felt like a rock was tied to the other end, and his head hurt really bad.  Then he figured it out.  He stumbled his way to the dok.

“Ah, anuvver paitent!  Kom in!  Dis won’t do at all…’ere, sit down, while I fix ya all up…”  Skabbog looked over to see the dok grab an ‘urty syringe, and then everything went black again. 

“Grabnatz!  Git me dat dere!”  Voices seemed to drift in and out for Skabbog as he laid down in the dok’s tent.  In a short time he woke up to a leering Grot face.  “Oi git out of my face!” he said.  The Dok came over and helped him to his feet.  “If you’re talkin’ to Grabnatz, he iz over dere, lookin’ fer another needle squig.”  Sure enough, the grot he had seen was far away from the tent, peering into a hole.  “Yool hafta git used to it.  Try to see me, look around da circles wif yer eyes.”  Then the dok came into view, blurry at first, and the circles partially obscured his vision, but his head felt better, so as long as he could fight, Skabbog was happy.  “Since dis was da only ‘ead fixin’ I ‘ad left, I only took 7 teef, try to keep yer ‘ead down when runnin’ next time!”

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