Sunday, April 24, 2011

Madboy Mundayz - Paranoids Part 2

Here are the rules for utilizing a Paranoid Madboyz unit in 5th ed.

As always, I have not playtested these, so let me know if anything needs to be changed.

0-1 Paranoid Madboyz

Note: No more than one unit of Madboyz may be taken regardless of what type of madboyz they are.

Unit size 5-20 Madboyz

10 points per Madboy

One Madboy may be upgraded to a Painboy at +10 points

All madboyz are equipped with Slugga and Choppa


Additional Rules

Roll a D6 at the beginning of each ork turn, and consult the chart below.

Let me know how these rules workout, as I have not had a chance to playtest them yet.

Sumfin' Nasty is comin' fer us! - Convinced that an unseen force is hiding somewhere in front of them, the unit must run this turn, back towards their own deployment zone.  If they reach the table edge, they will stop and regroup automatically.


Nope we ain't comin' out fer nuffin! - The unit must go to ground this turn. (Normal cover saves still apply)

We'll teach dem  skumbos who to fight! - The unit acts normally this turn.


We are da boyz! - The unit acts normally this turn.

What's Dat fing!? - The unit will not move towards any enemy vehicle this turn.

We'll get it! (To make it go away!) - The unit opens fire on the nearest enemy  unit within range.  If there is not a viable target, then the unit will run towards the nearest enemy unit instead of shooting this turn.

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