Monday, April 11, 2011

Madboy Mundayz - Frantiks Part 2

As promised, here is the home brew rules for Frantiks in 5th ed.

0-1 Frantik Madboyz

Note: No more than one unit of Madboyz may be taken regardless of what type of madboyz they are.

Unit size 5-20 Madboyz

10 points per Madboy

One Madboy may be upgraded to a Painboy at +10 points

Additional Rules

Roll a D6 at the beginning of each ork turn, and consult the chart below.

 Blast da gubbin’s!  Wallop whatzat - Perhaps the madboyz were distracted by a fly, or a squig, or perhaps they just want to blast somethin’
Nominate an enemy unit up to 24” away from the madboyz and place the small blast template,  roll 2d6 and Scatter, any models (friend or foe) hit by any portion of the blast template take a Strength 3 hit, distributed as shooting.

Waaagh get ‘em! - The unit decides whatever is in front of them is lookin’ for a good krumpin.  The unit must move their full distance directly away from their deployment zone.  They must run if able to do so, and are considered to have fleet for the remainder of this turn.  If their movement brings them into contact with another unit, then they are considered as having charged that turn.  Normal combat phase still applies.  If it brings the unit into contact with a friendly unit, then the friendly unit takes 2d6 Str 3 hits from the madboyz as opposed to fighting them in combat, and both units may move as normal next turn.  (Madboyz still have to roll on this chart as normal.)
Oi!  Where'd they go? - Due to their psychic nature, anyone looking at the mob
this turn only sees a shimmering green mass, all armour saves are increased to 4+


Wot did yoo say?! - The unit is too busy fighting amongst themselves this turn to do anything else.

I want dat! - The unit sees a cache of ammo/weapons, or perhaps just a really cool tank, that they decide should be theirs.  The opposing player moves the madboy unit 2d6" and this unit may not do anything else this turn.


Com' on Boyz! - This unit inspires a Waaagh in the rest of the army, following the rules for a Waaagh on pg 31 of Codex: Orks

Let me know how these rules workout, as I have not had a chance to playtest them yet.

Next week we continue our Madboy series with Paranoidz


  1. What wargear do they have? Sluggas and Choppas? Shootas? Both?

  2. I forgot to put that in there. Sluggas and Choppas.