Friday, April 15, 2011

Feature Fridays - Interview with Geoff Cutler

Geoff enjoying his other hobby...

This week, although, not a "giant" in the industry by name recogintion standards, Geoff Cutler used to work for GW in the UK before moving to the US and becoming a regional manager for the Michigan region, since his departure from the position, he is still regularly mentioned in some gaming circles.

Here it is, standard format...

DW: If you could choose any character to be from any science fiction or fantasy setting, who would you choose and why?

GC: Tough question, but I think that I'm going to roll with Regnak from the novel Legend, by David Gemmell. He appeals to me most as a character, scared, wants to do the right thing, but really wants to look out for number 1, however his conscience doesn't let him and his friends really guide him - top bloke, in my humble opinion.

DW: When did you first get involved with the hobby of miniature wargaming, and what was your first miniature that you painted?

GC: I first got involved when I was about 10, I started playing Napoleonic wargames, after a brief hiatus I discovered D & D (that dates me) and it has been a downhill struggle since then. As to my first figure - most of my friends will say that I've yet to complete one - probably true, but it was a file of the Grenadier Guards for a Waterloo re-enactment, not pretty, but I liked them.

DW: What is your favorite Citadel Miniature? Why?
GC: Helbrecht - the figure just oozes power, menace and a butt load of Retribution, plus he's a Black Templar, so he's ok in my book.

DW: What do you like to see in a tabletop strategy game?
GC: Interaction. I'm probably the worlds worst gamer, but I really enjoy the fun that can be had with people from all walks of life. If it involves beer as well - I'm sold.

DW: What was your most memorable Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 battle?

GC:  Tough call, they've almost all been great, Staff tournament in Las Vegas where my Giant fell on my Chaos Knights, against my staff in a Detroit Battle where I was virtually wiped out, but perhaps the most memorable was a War of the Ring battle with the Adeptus Fanaticus - we settled and made some grudges that day!!

DW: What impact has Games Workshop had in your development as a person?

GC: Impact that GW has made on me as a person? I think it has enhanced some of interpersonal skills. I've mixed with all kinds of people, we've all had a common bond - we like wargaming and we talk about it - a lot, that crosses all boundaries - oh and it has also taught me to laugh at crappy dice rolls - a skill I now find very useful with my kids, who, if they keep this up will roll up the house in Las Vegas and anywhere else where dice are rolled!!!

Thanks for your time Geoff, and may all your dice be good to you, and your battles well-earned victories!

Next week, we will be chatting with master Eldar and Farseer Gav Thorpe!  See you then!

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