Saturday, February 5, 2011

Second Edition Saturday - Astral Hounds

Stepping once again into time tunnel we continue our journey into the distant past.  In an era of Regan economics, the premiere of The Simpsons on the Tracy Ullman Show, and not to forget the year that Sonny Bono announced his candidacy for Mayor of Palm Springs, CA.

This week we find the elusive Astral Hounds.  (OK, not that elusive, since I can just look them up in a book.)
Astral Hounds were spectral dogs from the warp.  I picture them as a very early incarnation of the Dark Eldar Warp hounds.   However, I will let the original content explain.  (I do not write as well as the forefathers of 40k.)

So, those could be fun for a "wild card" in 5th ed games eh?  Thoughts?


  1. Reading this again, it reminds me of the Doctor Who episode 'Survival', which had cats, cat-people and jumps to another world. That was the late '80s too.

    As wild-cards, why not? Half of Rogue Trader could be brought back in some form or another. As I wrote on the last post, why is all this good material sitting unused? Couldn't it be tidied up and put out as optional source material? There's a lot of interet in this kind of thing from the older players, and younger too with the internet spreading the word.

  2. Sounds like a special scenario rule, although one that puts psykers are considerable disadvantage. Maybe something could be done to offset the risk... maybe supercharge the psychic powers in the scenario?