Friday, February 25, 2011

Fungus Friday - Blue Gutbusters (Ok, I made this one up.)

Occasionally around the Ork drops, the conditions will be just right for the rare Blue Gutbuster.  It usually shows up a few days after a big squig and fungus brew feast. (Or "eatin' fight" as the orks put it.)  Overnight, a blue sprout begins to poke through the surface and grow rapidly into gigantic proportions.  As it is so big, a grot or snotling cannot harvest it, and thus tend to leave it alone.  (Not to mention, it would be hazardous to the grot's health to attempt to pick it or hack it up and share it with his buddies.)  Orks view the blue Gutbuster like a child on Christmas morning, when they went to bed the night before, the drop was normal, but in the morning, a giant blue fungus roughly with a head the size of a trukk tire has emerged. 

To orks, the color blue is lucky, so when a blue gutbuster appears, there are 2 things that happen, the first is a contest of strength to pick it, as the fungus grows down and out further than it does up and out.  So, once it is picked, a challenger will often rise to fight the ork who picked it.  (Unless of course, they know they can't win. i.e; An ork warboss picks the shroom, an ork boy would be insane to challenge the boss.)

Once the challenge is issued, the orks watch in rapt attention to the fight.  (It is always good to see a scrap, no matter what it is about.)  The winner gets the Blue Gutbuster.  Perhaps it is out of repspect or fear of retribution that while the fight goes on, the Gutbuster stays to the side untouched. Orks would consider it a terrible breach of ettiquette (or orky version thereof) to take off with the coveted shroom. 

The second event after a Blue Gutbuster is found is to eat it.  Any ork who can eat the whole thing is considered to be very lucky.  Not only to survive eating it in its entirety, but also will have luck in the next battle.  (If they make it to the battle as the ork who finishes it will often be groggy, and lethargic.)  The blue Gutbuster has a unique side effect though, if an ork can overcome the aftermath of eating such a meal, he will usually be stronger and more agressive than usual.

Any of the following types of orks can use a single Blue Gutbuster at the point cost listed as agreed upon by both players (or teams in the case of Apocalypse)- only one per army may be used, if playing with multiple ork players, (ie; Apocalypse) than one per player is allowed.

Nob - 25 points
Mek - 25 points
Painboy - 25 points
Big Mek - 30 points
Warboss - 30 points
Weirdboy - 35 points

Utilizing a Blue Gutbuster will allow the ork player one re-roll one of the dice of any one attack (shooting, psychic, or close combat.) once per game.  (Keep in mind, the second results must stick, you can never re-roll a re-roll.)  In addition, the ork Strength is increased by +1, and has the slow and purposeful special rule.

I didn't get a chance to playtest this, try it and leave any comments or questions or suggestions...


  1. You've managed to get an interesting mix of old school and new. I like the concept and the rules match well.

  2. I got a tank full of those blue gutbusters, also red and green...

    Never new they were gutbusters and I was sitting on a Ork Goldmine..