Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your first mini...

So I sat down to paint with my son for the first time.  He is 4, and loves my orks.  Being 4, (almost 5) he is very inquisitive about everything, especially what daddy likes.
"Yes son?"
"What do orks eat?"
"Daddy?  Do you think Orks drink chocolate milk?"
"No, I don't think so, but maybe."
And on it goes.  So, for Christmas, I gave him some of my Attack on Black Reach orks that I have plenty of, and an old Warboss I painted and wasn't going to field.  Now, 95% of the AoBR orks I gave him were just assembled on not primed, and the 2 Nobs I gave him were primed and ready to be painted, so he has been anxiously awaiting the day he could paint them with daddy.

"Well, wait no more son, we will paint after your nap."
10 minutes later...
"Daddy!  You're making me lay down, and I don't want to!  I want to play orks!"
This went on for a while, and then I realized you have to pick your battles, and it was obvious he would not nap.
"OK, come down here and I will show you how to paint your orks."

So we painted, I showed him how to add water to the paint on a palette, (with dad's help) and how to put paint onto mini.  Although, we ran out of time to "finish" it, I told him we could paint more on it tomorrow or the next day.  Here is his Nob so far...

He can't wait to go back, and paint the axe red, and his pants brown like daddy does.  And, he wants to paint his gun blue, and maybe "put some yellow on his hat".  

Here is the ork all "finished".  ? (And he took this pic himself.)

So, do you remember your first mini?  Was it absolutely horrible?  (I painted everything a basecoat in "block colors" like heads, flesh, shoulder pad metallic blue, and armor metallic green, and then I black washed the whole thing.  No primer, painted straight out of the tall, hexagonal flip top citadel paints.  Thanks GW for discontinuing those awesome colors BTW!...I digress, I am glad someone showed me the "error of my ways" and eventually I learned how to "fake it". 
How old were you, your first time painting?  What did you paint?  How did you paint it?


  1. My first model was, ironically enough, one of those plastic Goff Orks from the second edition box set. It was ragged as all hell, painted in much the same way you did yours, but I was quite good at them by the time I'd done sixty...

  2. My first can't have looked so different from this guy, which is a pity because it was probably a power-armoured Squat, and I was much older than your son at the time..! Twenty years since that mini and I still haven't won a slayer sword.

  3. I believe my first mini was the Chaos Sorceror from Hero Quest. I painted him white with a red robe. I laid the white on so thick with a huge brush. At the time I was really proud of my 12 efforts but to be honest it was most likely pretty awful. But really, that's the point - if you like it, should you really care about what anyone else says about it anyway?

  4. good stuff, nice to have stumbled upon your blog. I have recently started a Waaagh myself you see. (visit my blog for first pics). My first citadel model was an ork boy, about 3 years ago. since that didn't turn out the way I wanted I went with IG,SM and a fantasy WoC army. now that I have gathered some knowledge and skill I will start the waaagh once more. I did use to paint miniature airplains and pin them to my ceiling by a bit of fishing line, I was about 11 back then and they looked great....to me!
    Will folow your blog....And might win a price lol

  5. A Cryx Wreck Marker, (Bits of Deathripper). As I made it from aluminum foil, and didn't originally intend to use it, I wasn't too worried about the paints. It actually looks pretty good though, at least for a first shot at painting one, especially as I didn't have anything other than the paint and some water to work with.