Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tutorial Wednesday - Rust

If you're like me, you like a bit of rust on your ork equipment.  There are many, many tutorials on how to make realistic rust, and the "salt technique" is probably one of the best.  Here is how I do rust on my orks quickly and it really adds to their overall appearance.  That being said, no I probably won't win any awards with this technique, but it does the job quickly and in a nice fashion.  I am utilizing a different method for instruction this time, as to really put into perspective for you how easy this is.

First start by figuring out where you want rust.  (duh)

Now I do several places on the model to help sell the effect.

Next, take some Calthan (or equivalent) Brown, and thin it down with water, you want it almost like a glaze.  I would say 35% paint 65% water.  Paint this mixture where you want the rust to go.

Next, using a stipple brush, or drybrush, dab some Orange paint in the middle of your brown area.  the more orange you use, the more the item looks rusted.  (Note: too much ,and the item would fall apart. So be careful)

And that's it!  Quick, easy rust, that will really help you achieve a "realistic" feel for your army.  


  1. Sounds easy and effective. Can you post a close-up of somewhere where you have used the technique?

  2. Sure, look at the top of my old warboss and you will see it a bit.