Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ork Players - I need your help!

So I am running a united waaagh, with each unit being a different clan.  For example, Lootas are DeffSkulls, Nobs and Bosses are Goffs, Boys are a conglomerate of Snakebites, Bad Moonz, Red Sunz, and some others.  Kommandos are Blood Axes, and I am stuck when it comes to the Kanz.  My trukks and bikes are Evil Sunz. (Red goez fasta!)  and My Deff Dread, I will probably paint Goffs since it is so krumpy.  But, where would Kanz fall in?  Which Clan has da most Kanz?  It is unclear in the current codex.  SO, whats your opinion?  How should I paint my Kanz?


  1. Kans are also Goff usually. Big slow krumpy and dumb.

    Otherwise, Bad Moons or Deffskullz are often options as well.

  2. Depends. What clan are your Mekboyz from?

  3. Good thought to match the kans with the meks. I hadn't really picked a clan for my Meks they are
    painted like free booters. (I used primarily browns, and some reds and yellows.) I will post a pic sometime soon.

  4. Goff clans produce extremely fierce warriors. I would assume that their gretchin are shown more abuse/punishment with the Goffs bad-tempered and violent ways. This in turn would yield tougher and more vengeful gretchin that would love to pilot ten-foot tall Killa Kans!

    But if you fancy yourself a good scratch-builder/converter trying making a Snakebite Killa Kan. I'd imagine it being a giant squig mutant covered in wooden planks, levers and pulleys with a screaming team of gretchin holding the reins!!!