Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curse you Foul god of Chaos!

So, you probably could not tell, since I use scheduled posts for my blog about 70% of the time, but, I have not been able to write new articles for scheduling or post for the last few days because a Nurgle-esque infection has corrupted my household. My wife was up all night last Saturday offering sacrifices to the porcelain icon, as I did all night Monday night, and now our 4 year old has it and spent all night last night giving up his offerings to Nurgle. So, I am very thankful that production did not halt on the blog when Nurgle's Rot hit our house. (Yay, scheduled posts!) But, it did get me thinking. In one of the old rulebooks, it spoke of Orks and Chaos. It stated that the Ork consciousness was pretty much immune to the powers of Chaos, that their minds were already at a state of contentedness, and thus not open to the persuasive powers of Chaos. However, if an ork were to go overboard in their bloodlust during battle, then they could be tainted by Khorne and not realize it. (It also mentioned that Khorne has some decidedly Orkish features. Thoughts?


  1. Wasn't there Stormboyz of Khorne in the olden days?

  2. There were indeed. The earliest Ork books make quite a big thing out of the way in which Chaos-worship is just a phase young Orks go through and often quite easily shrugged off. Presumably, it's because their violent antics serve Khorne's ends anyway, whether they directly worship him or not. Much like the Beastmen, they do more or less what the Dark Powers want them to and aren't worth the effort it would take to fully corrupt them - although there was a possessed Ork Warboss in Bloodquest, so it can and does happen now and again.

  3. Thanks Von, you said it much better than I could have! I vaguely remember the Ork Warboss from Bloodquest.