Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More paper Scenery

Back in the day, paper scenery was all we had for 40k.  Now, there are many different options ranging in price and style.  Scenery makes our games more realistic and exciting.  It offers further escape into a vast world for our armies.  It is what can make or break a game or even a campaign.  I have had plenty of games with boxes, and books for hills.  (As well as the mandatory Pringles can tower of doom.)  I have plenty of the GW terrain, but would like to sprinkle in some other pieces for a good mix.  I want my city to look like Orks assaulted an Imperial city, then just took over, and have been there for a while.  I had mentioned a site a few posts ago that has a bunch of paper scenery. (I built a dumpster.)  Well, another slow day at work, and I have this to show for it.  The coke package and building are from the same site.  The tire is from a toy truck, and the mek is to show a size comparision.

Best of all, this scenery didn't cost me anything!  Just a few minutes, paste, and scissors...

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