Saturday, December 4, 2010

Grotz! Or Gretchin? What about Snotlings?

With special thanks to Matt Ward for letting me use this image.

I must admit, I have not done much research on Grots, as I hardly ever include them in any army.  In the back of my mind, I always have wanted to do an entire horde of the little buggers, but don't know how tactically sound that is.

So, are they Gretchin or Grots?  What's the difference?  Snotlings?  Is it just me, or have they seemed to get weedier in the last few years?  In the Ork 'Dex, it talks about how the Slavers enjoy their job in part because they know a meal is not far away.  So, orks actually eat the little guys?  I figured an orks diet consisted of whatever the heck it wants, but why eat a grot that could be "valuable" when it comes to fetching ammo, or being your personal slave?  Is there that many of the little blighters?  If so, then the grot rebellion actually makes some sense on their end.  I know the Grots place in orkish society, and I understand how they are treated.  I don't really feel "bad" for them.  If I were an ork, I would just as likely use one as my personal slave or weapon of choice as I would eat it. 

Which brings me to my next point.  If the grot is "good"  (like an ammo runt that never lets his boss run out of ammo, or an orderly that is always there when you need him...etc...)  then what about having a named grot?  Or a special character grot.  (I know the Red Gobbo...)

But, what about a named special character grot that started life as an ammo runt to the flash gitz?  One day, while cleaning his boss' gun, he accidently shot his boss, and ever since then, he loved the idea of a grot sized snazz.  So, he talked to some of the mek's grots, and they decided to make one.  After months of secret work, they had their end product.  A Zapzooka.  Utilizing the theory of the grotzooka, they electrified the projectiles, and when it hits the target, it sends a built up charge through it, on top of the piercing damage it does.  Of course, if the orks were to see this, then they would just take it for themselves. 

Perhaps a storyline behind a named grot would be a moot point.  Perhaps I am thinking that a named character grot would be akin to some of the named fantasy lesser ork characters.  Like Gobbla, or Niblet.  For those who don't know, Gobbla is a giant pet squig to the Night Goblin big boss, Skarsnik, and Niblet is a banner waver for the Goblin boss Grom the Paunch. 
Maybe simpler is better, like an ammo runt for Ghazakul or Nazdreg that affords d3 re-rolls for the entire game.  (You roll at the beginning of the game, and if for example you roll a "2" then you would have 2 re-rolls to use that game.) 

Perhaps I just don't know what I am talking about, and eating them tastes pretty darn good.  I imagine they taste like the doubledown from KFC.  Not great, and definitely not good for you, but fulfills a purpose.  Unlike the orks, who taste like steak and mushrooms...

Enough ramblings about the lives of the lesser greenskins...I have to get 20 of the little buggers done by the end of the month.

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  1. I have mentally equated goblins, grots and gretchin. When I first named "Nurse Gretchin" I wanted to ensure that gretchin were roughly the same as grots (since she was to be a grot orderly) and found some printed evidence to that effect, although I can't remember where.

    I always have thought of Snotlings on the other hand as much more animal-like and much more likely to get munched idly. Maybe grots mean lunch because snots and grots mix so much?