Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Looted Valkyrie

So, I saw this Looted Valkyrie over on the-waaagh forums, and I got inspired to loot one myself, count it as a battlewagon in normal games, and a fighta bomma in Apocalypse games.  I would keep the flying aspect of it.  Although I do llike the Dragster idea as well. 

Please note: The battle reports for Killzone battles 3 and 4 in the Return to Armageddon Campaign are post-poned due to illness in my family.  (Wifey)  I will update with the battle reports once we have played the missions.

In other news, a quick inventory of the buildings I have built, is a whopping total of 10!  (If I take some of the buildings and make 2 out of .)  Now to get them painted.

Coming this weekend (hopefully)  I will post my first tutorial.  Keep checking the links above.

For now, enjoy a mek squigwich from Mek Donalds

(Kudos to original creator of this, it wasn't me.)

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  1. Tanks fer da link! Great army Lord Shag has.

    @ Antipope - Big Meks...lol. I was wondering if they serve Gretchin mek nuggets...