Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mission Log - Entry 2

<:Mission Log transmission begin:>
:{User - Brother Veteran Malachi}:

:[Title - Forlorn Hope]:

It has been several weeks since Brother Veteran Frauhofer and his team departed from the bunker.  If Brother Veteran Frauhofer and his Special Operation group fell, then they did so in the name of our beloved Emporer.  I have received orders from Brother Captain Arceus and have gathered the necessary troops, and provisions to fulfill our two-fold mission. 
1.) Search for any survivors and or corpses of our Brothers in Arms.
2.) Secure the data that was taken that is vital to the Imperium.

Day 1 - Encountered a camp of small, feral greenskins.  The larger xenos refer to these as "grots".  They are a slave race to their larger masters.  Despite their weak appearance, they are vicious. The holy bolter and chainsword quickly dispatched of there cunning, and vile ways.

Day 2 - Approached Incedius Hive, follwing the digital mapping sequence, we entered the city utilizing the precise path our brothers did a month ago. 

Day 3 - Upon entering the city, we have seen evidence of a small battle, and recovered the gene-seed from our fallen brothers.  The data in question is not among the fallen, and there are still no signs of Brother Frauhofer.  We shall continue through the night, moving north through the city in search of our Brothers, and the data.

May the Emporer bless.

:{Brother Veteran Malachi}:
:<:End Transmission:>:

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