Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ork Klans - Bad Moonz and Blood Axes

The first in a series of articles exploring the different klans. Most of the information on the Ork Klanz is already in Codex: Orks. However by studying these articles, we can come up with rules for the klanz for use in your games of Warhammer 40000. (these are to use with the 5th ed. Codex: Orks.)

Bad Moonz
The Bad Moonz teef grow faster than any other ork, which comes in very handy as the orks use teef as currency. The Bad Moonz are the closest thing to a merchant class the orks have. They often wear the best armour, and have the best weaponry. They perfer to wear Yellow and black as their chosen clan colours. Bad Moonz often have a scowling moon as their iconagraphy.

Using a Bad Moonz army.

May include a unit of Burnas, Meganobs, or Tankbustas as a troop choice. (Note: Only one may count as a troops choice, not one of each!)
In addition, a unit of Flash Gitz maybe included as a troop choice.
Bad Moonz may not take grot squads.

Blood Axes
Blood Axes are sneaky gits. They perfer to wear camoflage, as they see getting shot up before they reach their prey as a wasted oppurtunity. They are also, the only orks who openly trade with the Imperium, and have been known to fight alongside mankind as mercanaries.
Generally, they are not trusted by other orks.

Using a Blood Axe Klan.
May take up to 2 Kommando units as troops. In addition any ork boy nobs may have camo paint for +4 points per boy. Camo Paint confers a +1 to their cover save, and even grants a cover save in the open without having to go to ground. (I,E; a unit of boys with camo paint would receive a 6+ cover save in the open, and a 5+ if they went to ground.)
Also, Blood axes may include up to one troop choice from Codex: Imperial Guard.
Blood Axes may not take Deff Dreds, Killa Kans or Battlewagons. (As these are far too noisy, and don't make good to sneak up on the enemy.)

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