Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Assorted Geekery

Geeks everywhere unite!

What other “geeky” hobbies do you enjoy (besides the obvious) besides gaming?
I personally love “kitchy” stuff. There are several online retailers that I just look at their inventory, and drool, dreaming someday of winning the lottery so I can induldge in every geeky fantasy I have, by purchasing my wish list.

So I started to think about it, what other things do you like? Below is a list of things I enjoy/ once enjoyed but either invested in other geekery, or decided the enjoyment factor was not outweighed by the price factor.

Now, there are some things that are on the list that I simply would love to have had or buy, but the price was too much for what you get. (I am cheap, and have a family.)

"Geeky hobbies"
Comic Books
RPG’s (Specifically D&D, and Dungeon Crawls)
Comic book movies (if they are done well, that being said, I still enjoy them if they are horrible, just not as much. Daredevil is a good example. Horrible movie, but I am glad I didn’t pay money to see it, but I am glad I saw it, so I can say I have seen every Marvel movie ever produced…)
Medieval Weaponry
History – Renaissance, but I like it all.
Steampunky stuff - don't own any, but man, is it cool to look at!
Action Figures/Toys - if I ever hit the lottery, I will be able to complete my wish list of figs...

Toons! - Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, Tiny Toons, Batman, Superman, just to name a few…
Simpsons, Cleaveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad – I love fox animation!
Deadliest Warrior – no matter how cheesy it is, specifically pre-modern era combatants
The Borgias
Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad- this one is recent, not very far into 2nd season…have kinda lost interest TBH…
The Walking Dead
Dr. Who
American Pickers - Who knew you could make money off of old junk?
Real Deal
Storage Wars

80’s stuff – for nostalgia purposes
Some anime – Trigun, Black Magic m-66, Vampire Hunter D to name a few
Zombie stuff!

If time and money were no object, model railroading could be fun…
RC trucks…electric powered, not nitro…nitro is too much work.
“Affordable” RC planes

Osprey Books
Warhammer “fluff” books
(I don’t have much time to read)

The list could go on...but I will spare you the headache...

So, do we have any in common besides gaming?

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