Friday, May 13, 2011

Feature Fridays - with Dan Abnett!!!

Dan relaxes after a long day writing.

Today, we are talking with the man, the legend, the one responsible for the 40k screenplay, award winning author, and a man whose works span many years and artistic mediums...Dan Abnett!

I am honored by the opportunity to interview Mr. Abnett, as floored as I am by his impressive background of novels and comic book stories, I recently found out (according to online study) that Mr. Abnett has written a couple of screenplays for one of my favorite TV series, Dr Who! How cool is that?!  So, without further ado, here is the interview...

DW: What are some of the sources of your creative influence?  What inspires you?

Dan: Ideas come from everywhere- things I see, things I read (fiction and non-fiction), movies...actual creative influences would include writers like Lovecraft, Bradbury, Vance, Laumer, Herbert, Borges...In all honesty, I keep my eyes peeled and make notes.  Big ideas can come from tiny places.  And things like a simple train journey can give you great thinking time.

DW: The background for Warhammer 40,000 has become very vast and is very important to fans and gamers.  It has a far reaching and unseen impact, how do you feel knowing you have been a part of this?

Dan: It’s a great feeling, and I’m happy and proud to be part of it. It’s a big kick to see words of everyday 40K vocab that I invented early on now being used in army books and background material. It’s great to feel you’ve added to a universe.
DW: What are some of the challenges when transitioning from writing a novel, or story to writing a screenplay?

Dan: There are a lot of differences, so there are a lot of things to learn.  My background in comics helped me, because the visual storytelling is key, but movies are their own thing, so there is a whole lot of learning from scratch to do when the movie came along.

DW:  What are you working on currently?

Dan: A new Gaunt novel (Salvation's Reach) A new Horus Heresy, comics like The Annihilators, New Mutants, Heroes for Hire, and Solider Zero a couple of interesting movie projects, and my new novel "Embedded" is on shelves now.  It's a combat SF, but my 'own universe'  published by Angry Robot.

DW: If you could meet and have dinner with any one person from history, whom would you choose and why?

Dan:  Well, either Admiral Nelson, who I am allegedly related to, or Churchill (my wife's grandad was his gardener.) I have also had a hankering to meet Elizabeth I or Shakespeare.  I'd just love to know what they were actually like as people, not just legends.

DW: Are you planning on anymore screenplays outside of the 40k universe?

Dan:  Yes I am ;-)

Thanks again for your time, and everyone be sure to check out "Embedded"

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