Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warmachine Wednesdays - Choosing Sides

How do you choose an army?  If you are anything like me,  choosing an army is difficult.  The way the army plays, looks, background, and overall “feel” of the army are all determining factors in choosing an army. 

“But, I already have chosen my army!” 

Ok, well good, but what about starting a new game?  Or another army?  How do you decide?

In the case of my Warmachine army, it was simple.  I asked myself a couple of questions, “What faction has not been yet represented?”  and, “What mini’s look the coolest (IMHO) when finished?”  The answer I came up with for both, was Cygnar.  After talking to a rep at Privateer Press back when Prime first came out, he ensured me that Cygnar was the faction that they had the least amount of followers.  (To which I responded, “Why?”)  The answer I got was interesting.  He told me then that most people like armor (Khador) and most like playing “the bad guys” (Cryx).  He went on to say, stick with Cygnar, because they will get some really cool stuff in the next few expansions!

Boy was he right.  Stormsmiths, Stormtower, Stormblades, Storm’jack…Stormpizza…if it has “storm” as a prefix, I can only assume a.) it’s for Cygnar, b.) its gonna rock some electricity, and c.) it will look ‘frickin’ sweet!

My goal (when funds permit) is to build a whole Storm themed/Electric themed army.    A couple of Fireflies, A Centurion (Which I have), Stormclad, Thunderhead, Stormlances, Stormblades (with attachments) Stormguards, Stormsmiths (and Stormtower.)  And to lead the force, it would have to be Nemo.

So, that would be my wishlist.  For now, I will just work on the army I have, and worry about getting the Storm Brigade later.  (After much saving.)

What about you?  How did you choose your army?  Was it simply based on what was available?  Or perhaps an idea came to mind when reading a novel.  Whatever the case is, I would love to hear about it, leave a comment below!


  1. I started playing Cryx because of the writeup for the Iron Lich Asphyxious in the original Prime, and the old art with that mad grin and those evil-genius hands. That and they were undead, and in the absence of a compelling reason not to, I will always gravitate to undead factions in any game I play.

  2. I started up Khador in prime due to a love for the Russian Revolution, that and having a caster named The Butcher locked in my choice. In MkII I picked up some Cygnar to paint but I will be field Farrows in the games I play, because who doesn't like pigs.

  3. I hear ya, I would love to start a PIgs and Gators army. Bacon!

  4. Cryx, because they're undead and necromancers.