Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Touring Tuesday - A look at some of uvver sites an blogz wot talk 'bout orks.

In the spirit of community, I decided to start a feature to review and post links to some other blogs that mention orks, or the hobby in general. 

This week we look at the blog Inquisitork, and in paticular,the post from March 6th, 2011 which is entitled "Luckeez Wurlies". 

In this story themed battle report, it featured Deffkoptas pretty predominately.  Very well written, and with a surprise ending, this story is sure to give any ork general a second thought about excluding a Deffkopta skwadron in his or her army. 

Written by Commisar Carrie, this is definitely a growler squig on the squig scale of great posts.

Join us next week when we will look at the Spaceork blog. 

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