Saturday, March 5, 2011

Second Edition Saturday - The best painting ever!

So, we all have fond memories of our very first painted miniature, and we can look back with a bit of nostalgia, and embarrassment since they are probably not our best paint job.  Very few of us can claim we picked up a miniature, and the first one we painted won a Golden Demon!   The same is true about the studio models.  I am sure the painters look back at these or the sculptors, or designers, and think, "What were we thinking?!"  I like old miniatures, and some of the older minis have a lot more character than any of the newer "cooler" models.  These Bad Moonz are a good example of that.  I think the paint job is "awesome" well, it was for 1987, now, it would be considered table-top quality for my personal opinion.  What do you think of the older studio models?  Are they "funny looking"?  Do they bring back fond memories?  Do you remember the "red" period of time for GW?

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  1. I really miss the old orks from this period. The current ones are decent models, but they've lost so much of their character.