Monday, March 7, 2011

New Poll - Help decide on paint scheme!

I just posted a new poll to help me decide on a paint scheme for the Nob Bikers that I am building.  Please vote and help me choose! 
To explain background and my army as it is painted now a bit more; Nobs and Bosses in my army are bigger and painted like Goffs.  Lootas are Deffskullz, Kommandos are going to be Blood Axes, and Deffkoptas are Evil Sunz, Looted Wagon is Deffskullz, and some of my mobs on foot are either Bad Moonz (shoota boyz) or Snakebites. 

So, this leaves a few units that I can't quite figure out... Nob Bikers being one.  When I go to paint my tankbusters, I will be posting another poll like this one...

1 comment:

  1. I say it depends on how you will model or convert you nob bikers.
    If you build them right off the sprue with no conversions then I think Goffs would work best.
    If you convert them though, Bad Moons, the most wealthy of Orks, would work well. Slapping a ton of 'expensive looking' guns on the yellow painted bikes is an easy way to do it.